Yes WI Can Can - July Workshop

Friday, 13 January 2017 § 0

On Thursday 7 July 2016 Buns & Roses hosted a burlesque inspired dance workshop called Yes WI Can Can.  

On arrival at the Cosmopolitan Hotel the attendees were greeted by the dance teacher, to be known as Madam Vivalicious (who runs a Wiggle and Giggle group) and a glass of prosecco with a strawberry and given a chocolate treat and an all important feather boa (colour of their choice). 

The workshop began with all the attendees sat in a semi circle while Madame Viv explained how she came about Wiggle and Giggle.  Burlesque is often seen as very extravagant and risqué but Viv wanted to make it fun and accessible to all (even shy people!). 

Viv explained that we should all have a burlesque name to get into the spirit of wiggling and giggling.  She had some examples from her previous classes and we all chuckled at some of them as Viv explained the origins behind people’s burlesque names of choice especially Orgasm Olive (an unassuming elderly lady from a quiet village) and Penis Grecio (one of her male burlesque workshop attendees who happened to like wine!).

Buns and Roses attendees then got into smaller groups as we came up with our own burlesque names, some of these included Curvy Cupcake, Bootylicious Betty, Lady Lulu, Cheeky Cha Cha and Cherry De Lush!  

The workshop then got underway as we learnt various burlesque poses including the showgirl pose, Marilyn pose, how to bad girl walk (What are you looking at ?!?!) and various wiggles and shimmies!

We then learnt our routine and split into groups to perform it for each other.  The song we learnt the routine to was called “The Stripper” by David Rose… you would know it when you hear it! (we didn’t take our clothes off tho!!)  The feather boas proved to be interesting as we learnt that they could dye our skin as they were new!  We also learnt a couple of little dances including a little routine to a Meghan Trainor song.  

Fun and giggles were had by all and we learnt a few new moves to show off when next on the dancefloor!

The end of the night was marked by thanking Madame Viv and leaving the Cosmopolitan Hotel looking like lots of colourful chickens had been there!  Feathers everywhere!

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