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January Meeting - C'Mon C'mon do the Motivation

Thursday, 24 January 2013 § 0

Our January meeting was entitled C'Mon C'mon do the Motivation: A Daily Dose of Vitamin P! and we were joined by Jane Bytheway. In simple terms, Jane is a confidence and positivity enthusiast and works with people to help them bring happiness, and therefore success, into their daily lives.

As she puts it: "A Daily Dose of Vitamin P will equip you with the most important thing you need to know to make those dreams come true. You will take away a range of actionable tips and ideas that you can use straight away to ensure you are on the pathway to success … whatever that looks like for you."

Jane helped us to recognise our achievements and things we should be proud of and positively encouraged everyone to put on their "glasses of joy" each day to see the good things in life.

As part of the session we all came up with cheap or free things we can do to give ourselves a dose of vitamin P. You can find the full list here: A Daily Dose of Vitamin P.
As you will read, Boston Spa WI have also enjoyed Jane's talk recently so there are some ideas from our fellow WI ladies there too. 

Find out more about Jane at: or follow her on Twitter @janebytheway