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February Workshop - Dr Hook

Sunday, 9 February 2014 § 0

The February Workshop ‘Dr Hook’ quickly descended into Croaky Crochet, with Helen losing her voice, but this was not to put a dampener on the evening.

After receiving there hooks and yarn the fabulous Victoria and Trish worked the room masterfully supporting and guiding everybody regardless of starting level.

As the beginners were getting to grips with their hooks and starting to chain stich the advanced students started developing the use different patterns to make some beautiful squares. 

At the end of the night everybody had learned a little something, with complains of hurting heads and fingers following the intense concentration and work. People left the Cosmo with a big smile and a little crochet to take home.

A big well done to everybody who came, and a huge thanks to our lovely volunteers for donating their time and skill to give something back to Buns & Roses.
If you think you might like to volunteer to help out or lead a workshop, please email or talk to us at any point.