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January Meeting - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Coach)

Sunday, 26 January 2014 § 0

It was a packed room of Roses who assembled for the first meeting of the year, membership subs were gathered in, committee members introduced themselves and what they do. Plans for the WI Centenary Baton’s Trip round West Yorkshire along with the yarnbombing plan for the Regional HQ were revealed – before a trip to the bar to refresh the glass and then it was on to the topic of the evening – Courageous Conversations.

Led by Tilla Brook a Lifecoach with  many years of experience in enabling people to reach their full potential, we looked at the conversations we avoid, why we avoid them and what we can do to have them successfully.

We looked at how conversations may feel more risky than they actually physically are and strategies for dealing with this, what ways we can have those kind of conversations eg by using non judgemental language, by writing the points we want to make down so we don’t forget what we want to say but also perhaps most importantly of all how if we want it to be a conversation as opposed to a one way discourse then we need to listen and respond appropriately too.
It was an engaging and thought provoking start to the year J