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Eye Feel a Pretty - November Workshop - Smokey Eyes

Thursday, 5 November 2015 § 0

Whilst the rest of Leeds were stood outside in foggy weather getting smoke *in* their eyes... A lovely group of Roses were at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, safely away from fireworks learning how to perfect the perfect "Smokey Eye" vintage look courtesy of Natalie Willingham -

Natalie had some useful hints and tips including the importance of not putting foundation on first - you might need to clear up stray make up off your cheeks!  

Natalie helped our Roses with their first smokey eye look and a variety of tones and shades were used.  The room was silent as everyone blended and smudged!

Soon everyone had completed their first eye!  Here are some before and after shots!

Natalie then taught the group how to perfect a slightly different smokey eye shape and then patiently answered multiple questions about blusher, mascara and fake lashes!  I learned that I should be (and everyone should be!) filling in their brows!

We all left with some extra knowledge and a great new look - thanks Natalie!