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February meeting - Family (Wo)Man

Sunday, 19 February 2012 § 0

Our February meeting was Family (Wo)Man and we encouraged all our Members to bring along a female friend or relative to join in the fun.

Lots of people did just that and we were delighted with our best ever turnout of 83 people! It was very exciting to have so many ladies join us for the evening and it allowed everyone to make lots of new friends.

The first few people arrive ...
Then some more turned up ...
And suddenly there were loads!
The promise of free tea and cake must have been too much!

We were joined for the evening by the lovely ladies at The Velvet Cupcake in Otley.
They brought several teas for us to try, as well as some dinky cupcakes.

Charlotte, Murdo and Rachael - The Velvet Cupcake team

Everyone went away very full of tea and cake, and the odd glass of wine, and rather worn out from all the nattering.

Next time you're in Otley be sure to call in and have tea and cake at The Velvet Cupcake. You can find out more at