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September meeting - Diamonds are Forever

Friday, 28 September 2012 § 0

Our September meeting was entitled Diamonds are Forever and was a particularly dazzling session.

We were joined by jeweller and diamond expert Robert, who told us all about how diamonds are formed, explained the four "c"s that help to determine the value of a diamond, and gave us lots of tips for looking after our precious jewellery.

We learnt about some of the most expensive diamonds ever found and how they have shaped social history.

Best of all, Robert brought along several pieces of diamond jewellery for us to try on, including a 3 carat £19,000 ring. It was beautiful! We also got to see the marvel of a "hearts and arrows" diamond. This is a stone that has been perfectly cut to exact mathematical proportions, and when viewed under a special magnifying glass you can see a geometric pattern of hearts and arrows.

It really was a truly spectacular evening.