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See You Later Fascinator - Belated February Workshop

Monday, 28 March 2016 § 0

At Buns and Roses we like to think ourselves unstoppable, and that is why despite illness, we rescheduled the February workshop to ensure you beautiful bunnies and lovely roses didn’t miss out on the fascinator making workshop, led by founding member and milliner extraordinaire, or as she likes to put it “the lady who makes fabric do stuff it didn’t want to” Hayley.

Competition was high on the night, with support wire flying into fettles!


Style and class were out in full force whether that be 40’s kitsch, operatic grace or stylish stripes.


Everybody was surprised how quickly and effectively a fabric covered fascinator can be made, with many items made and ready to wear by the end of the workshop..with a few of our ladies inspired to think bigger with intentions to hit hobbicraft in the morning to go large with their design at home.


All in all a fabulous evening with even more fabulous ladies and an instructor par excellence!

That's Not My Name (badge) - February Meeting

Saturday, 5 March 2016 § 0

"That's Not My Name (badge)"

Got scrabble tiles and the girls’ going strong
We got some glue and we got our craft going on and I
 keep stitching, keeping sequins together
Ladies around the stashbox got to find the glitzy bling now

Adding more glitter to my namebadge fame
Buns n’ roses together
and chatting all the way
with our new badges we will never forget your name (fame, fame, fame)

They call me Helen
They call me Tracey
They call me Caroline
They call me J-A
You got my name
My name badge name
They call me Lisa
Verdant and quiet
and Grace-Ann is glamour
In pink so vibrant
You got my name,
My name badge name

We hit the glitz when the creativity calls
Stephanie’s striped badge would give Cinderella a run for the ball
Lauren’s fantastic, in patterned fabric
and even Lucy made one although she knows us all!

A social Thursday meet
and we were late away
With craft, food  and chatter
And us girls are all happy to say
Welcome to B’n’R with 45+ members we have badges so we won’t forget your names
(Fame, Fame, Fame)

They call me Amanda
They call me Emma
They call me Georgina
They call me Sue
You got my name
My name badge name
We stitched some blood bags
for Diamond Blackfan Anaemia
Look up that name

On a more serious note though, Diamond blackfan anaemia is a blood disorder which prevents the creation of red blood cells, leaving victims chronically under weight (we heard about a little three year old girl that has to use a medical feeding tube at night to keep her weight up), having to have regular blood transfusions to get red blood cells, dialysis to remove unfiltered iron from their blood and with sclerosis of the liver as a result. Some lucky sufferers will find a bone marrow match and become strong enough to receive a bone marrow transplant. This can cure the disorder. If you are not already on the bone marrow register you can apply here