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Cake Me Out - June Workshop - Cupcake Decorating

Tuesday, 9 June 2015 § 0

This months workshop "Cake Me Out" took an ultra sociable turn when branch president Lucy Rider stepped in with her best girl guide leading skills at short notice to cover when the workshop host had to cancel on the day (Aaaaaaaaaargh) …but in the face of adversity we did indeed eat cake...and on the day of the WI AGM and celebrating 100 years, we could hardly cancel that wouldn't be in any sort of WI spirit!

A team effort of  butter ice mixing and a good helping of woofle dust (edible glitter) soon had the Muppet cupcake decorating class on the go and all of our lovely ladies were surprised at how simple it really is once you know how and have the right equipment (and remember, mistakes are edible!!!!! EDIBLE!!!! What's not to like?)

Everyone had a jolly good time making our "Muppet baby" cakes and we even managed a bonus free styling session at the end which gave the participants a chance experiment  and compare with their new found skills and creativity.

No girlie party will be safe from our creations in the future and we heartily expect to see these adorable cupcake designs turning up at future general meets for team tasting!