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Gin Genie - October Meeting - Gin Tasting

Sunday, 25 October 2015 § 0

Here at Buns and Roses WI we like to keep with the best traditions of the Women’s Institute as well as keeping or members educated and informed. It was with this haughty duality in mind that October’s meeting brought you “Gin Genie” a history of gin and gin tasting experience.

Excitement had been high in the run up to the meeting, with all available spaces booked out in advance and this month’s meeting did not disappoint.  The lovely Lauren lead the gathering with her talk detailing the roots and establishment of gin in British culture, it’s content, production and historic values. From Kings-comforter to Mothers-ruin and several parliamentary acts and laws in between Lauren enlightened us, whilst the committee mixed the gin cocktail samples for members to try. 

The first cocktail sampled was The Gimlet. A tradition mix of citrus flavours against dry gin (as opposed to the historic sweet gins of the 18th century) and an excellent medicinal tonic with the fresh lime adding a bonus vitamin C content.

50ml cheap gin
1/34 ounces of lime cordial
Fresh lime
Tonic water

This was followed by another winter warming mix of ginger and spirit in the  

Gin buck cocktail 
50ml gin 
Ginger ale 
Lime Ice
Which was wonderfully pallet cleansing and refreshing.

Our third cocktail, which counterbalanced traditional sweetness against a tarte favourite of many members was

Sloe gin fizz 
50m/l sloe gin 
Squeeze lemon juice 
1 tsp sugar syrup 
Cream soda to top up 

Which was purple, I like purple…have I ever mentioned how much I like purple *hiccup* I mean a drink, and it’s sweet and purple! What’s not to like *Hiccup* where was I?

Our fourth and final cocktail was

Earl grey martini  
50ml gin  
35ml strong cold earl grey tea 
20ml lemon juice 
12.5ml sugar syrup 

Tea *Hiccup* tea in a cocktail? Oh goodness me *hiccup* that’s genius. That’s my two most *hiccup* favouritest things in the world ever *Hiccup* tea and booze *hiccup* We need to make glasses from cake, yup that’s what we need, ahaa. 

So *hiccup*, to sum it up, bottoms up aye? Whooohooo. We was very sophist..sophisto….sofisto..we were right posh *hiccup* and we learned lots of stuff..aha *gratuitous head nodding between hiccups* and we all had fun and it was great and you should come again. Yop yop yop yup.

But on a more serious note, it was a thoroughly enlightening night which was enjoyed by many with members leaving with some lovely party drinks recipes to make at home throughout the festive season and a greater understanding of how this Dutch import (gin) became a staple of British culture.