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Buns & Roses on TV!

Thursday, 29 September 2011 § 1

Yes, you heard right, the crazy people at the BBC are going to let Buns & Roses Women's Institute on the telly box!

For your viewing pleasure, Treasurer Hayley and President Gemma took part in filming for a new series called Britain's Favourite Foods.

On a rare dry day in Manchester, they joined forces with fellow WI members from both sides of the Pennines, as well as presenter Cherry Healey and scientist Dr Tim Bond to find out why tea is so bloomin' marvellous.

Here are our lovely ladies. Both had starring roles in the show doing what they do best - Hayley had to hold a sign very straight and Gemma had to make lots of brews!

There were many cups of tea poured and drank, and a very scientific experiment to discover more about tea.

We can't reveal any more details, but we'll let you know when the programme is on so you can record it!

September meeting - And Out Come the Wools

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 § 0

Our September meeting was And Out Come The Wools, and it was the first meeting in our new venue.

We're delighted to say everyone loved the Cosmopolitan Hotel and we were joined by lots of new people, which is always a good thing!

As well as the usual business and crafting, several of our members were sharing their talents in our Skills Swap Speed Dating sessions.

Liz showed us how to do encaustic art, using wax and an iron.

Jenn and Lucy helped people make Origami boxes - perfect for keeping pins or sweeties in!

Lyssie shared her amazing knitting expertise.

And Gloria told us how to blag about wine as if we really knew what we are talking about!

There was plenty of crafting going on as well, and cross stitch seemed to be the theme of the night. Check out these beautiful projects.

Slipknit - Knit a Cake

Monday, 5 September 2011 § 0

Our September workshop was called Slipknit - Knit a Cake and we had the fabulous Siobhan teaching us how to make calorie-free cakes!

Here she is with some of her creations, and a few made by Hayley and Helen Doyle too. 

Don't they look fab?!

The girls soon got stuck in. We had a mix of experienced knitters and some complete beginners and everyone got on very well thanks to Siobhan's expert guidance and the advice from her helpers.

Here's Helen pulling a silly face while she explains the intracacies of knitting!

It's not too bad once you get into the rhythm!

Several people managed to get their cakes completely finished, and most others weren't far off.

You may have also noticed the different background - that's because we are now in our new venue! It's beautiful and we can't wait for everyone else to see it at our meeting next week.