Simply the Breast - July Meeting

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 § 0

July was a lively meeting of two halves. To start we we joined by the lovely Sally and Karine from 'Fit to Bust'. As well as sharing their knowledge on bra fitting, and telling us that the straps are not meant to be the main support (who knew!) The ladies also told us about the best way to actually put your bra on which is: 1. put arms in the strap, 2. bend forwards, 3. fasten the bra at the back 4. pull the wire away, 5. move breasts in to position within the cups.

They gave us a marvellous demonstration of this technique. If you fasten your bra at the front and then twist it around, you risk damaging the bra.

Fit to Bust also hold fitting parties for a minimum of 6 people, contact Sally or Karine at fittobust for more details.

Our next guest was Breast Care Nurse, Belinda Archer who talked us through some breast cancer facts.

The cause of breast cancer is not known but is understood to be multi-factorial including; genes, lifestyle and diet. Belinda advised us to all get ourselves into a position to lower our risk of breast cancer - keep healthy, eat healthy, be breast aware. 

Self-examination is good but you may just as easily find something in the shower whilst washing or during sex. 76% of women experience breast pain during their lifetime - this is not a typical symptom of cancer. Know the signs. NHS symptoms checker

There are many treatments for breast cancer and the size of the cancer relative to the breast will determine is a mastectomy or lumpectomy is required. Radiotherapy is used to kill cancer cells in the remaining tissue and Chemotherapy will most likely be used if the cancer has reached the lymph nodes.

In 25 years the survival rate from breast cancer has increased from 50% to 80% which is an amazing statistic. 

NB to verify the accuracy of this information please check with your GP or use other resources such as:

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