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Our guest speaker for this meeting was Jean who had travelled all the way from Sheffield, where she is also a WI member. We welcomed her and everyone to the workshop including new and regular members.

Jean started the workshop talking about colours and how the seasons influence colours and our clothes and the current fashion trends (backed up by some images of current fashion trends in New York at the moment). Jean explained about spring colours such as green and yellow and about everything coming to life in this season. These colours when we wear them can also indicate new beginnings and ideas and have links to nature. We tend to drift towards colours such as these as well as fresh pinks and whites this time of year as our energy rises and we feel young and alive as the spring is here.

Summer months bring more colours into our lives including reds and pinks which we associate with love.  The summer months and more colour in the summer clothes in the shops help us to feel lighter, brighter and better in every way

Autumn brings colours of life turning a circle with golden and brown tints - again seen in nature as leaves fall from trees. Brown is the colour of mother earth. 
Winter is when life’s balance restores and we tend to associate red and green with this time of year, especially at Christmas time.  The red signifies love and green relates to money and energy, of course Christmas is a time for both of these!

As human being we tend to compliment nature with our clothes but we do not necessarily have to copy nature, so you can in fact wear any colour any time of the year!

Other popular colours we wear created by fashion include white - Jean told us how most clothes are made white and then dyed to match that period of time’s must have colours.  

Grey is associated with self denial and fear and holding oneself back. On a grey day we feel down and this is reflected in our grey choice of clothing. Black clothes tend to be mysterious but when partnered with say a red blouse, the red stands out more and is thought to give one physical power - so a good choice to wear for an interview maybe! We can also pair black with pink for social power and yellow for intellectual power! 
It was quite entertaining that pink is associated with royalty and incidentally our treasurer was dressed in pink and gave us a royal wave!!

Jean explained that calming colours like pale blues and pinks tend to be seen in shops for babies clothes as these are seen as calming and nurturing colours.

At half time we had a clothes swap and I know many people (including myself) really appreciated this and got a couple of new additions to our wardrobe!

After a quick rummage through the clothes brought Jean then went onto explain numerology and how our date of birth relates to a particular number / colour.
This involved a bit of maths and a lot of confusion but it was fun to find out our colour / number and to see what that said about us.  It involved adding up all the numbers of your date of birth to come up with a single number

If you are interested the numbers and descriptions are below:

Number 1 vibration the red ray
Number 1 leadership, independence. Red willpower, determination to succeed. Virtues courage, perseverance, goodness, love
Number 1 is leadership, those who have initiative and are not afraid of using it.  They are independent, often forward thinkers and can be pioneers in their field.  They accept responsibility and are always active in one way or another.
Number 2 vibration the orange ray
Number 2 adaptability, can hold back, leads one to harmony. Orange creativity, self expression, leading to confidence. Virtues purity, holiness
Adaptability leading to harmony, this vibration is duality, and we live in a world of duality, day and night, positive and negative, male and female.  Number 2 is the opposite of number 1, who is very definite.  These people are adaptable, and they avoid conflicts but have strong moods and feelings.  
Number 3 vibration the yellow ray
Number 3 the pure artist. Yellow intellect, ideas. Virtues wisdom, discernment, right judgement.
Creativity here we have the pure artist.  To create is one of the highest expressions a person can achieve on earth, and we can create at many levels: children, works of art, beautiful surroundings but what we create we have to live with and this needs to be remembered by the number 3 vibration.  
Number 4 vibration the green ray
Number 4 Practicality, self-discipline. Green energy, balance, harmony. Virtues compassion, understanding, kindness.  Generosity.  Humility.
The ray of practicality.  Ask a four vibration to do anything for you and here we have the willing workhorse.  Everything has to have a meaning and purpose for them but they are realistic and objective.  They either have a lot of self-discipline or will have incarnated to learn self-discipline: that is the essence of the four vibration.
Number 5 vibration the blue ray
Number 5 communication, a tendency to go down too many avenues. Blue intuition, awareness. Virtues faith, trust, loyalty and integrity (same as indigo).
The number of communication.  These people have to watch they do not go down too many avenues and waste time; they need to find a goal and go for it.  The person who is a five vibration has a need to express themselves in many ways, through speaking, writing, singing, communications in some way, otherwise they can become withdrawn – a negative aspect of the blue ray.  
Number 6 vibration the indigo ray
Number 6 responsibility, the organiser. Indigo power with knowledge and understanding. Virtues faith, trust, loyalty and integrity (same as blue).
This is the number of responsibility.  These people must watch they do not take on too much.  Efficient and very capable, whatever they undertake will be done well.  They can organise and delegate and are good at running events of any kind.  They are home lovers, their home is their sanctuary.  They are very caring and could be good therapists in any field or run a clinic, or an office.  They need to be with people for balance as they tend to be loners.  
Number 7 vibration the violet ray
Number 7 sensitivity, insight. Violet high ideals, inspiration, intuition. Virtues sacrifice, unselfishness.
Sensitivity and insight.  This vibration is associated with extra-sensory perception, an awareness of other dimensions.  Many are mediums with this number; they can also be practical mystic, earthing the knowledge they receive to enable others to understand.  
Number 8 vibration the silver ray
Number 8 balancing of spirit and matter, material affairs, business acumen, success. Silver unifying knowledge with awareness.
The eight vibration is the balance of spirit and matter, the eight being formed by 2 circles, one on top of the other (‘As above, so below’).  Above are the heavenly worlds and below is the earth – here are the two principles working together: spirit and matter, the masculine and feminine, which are within each and every one of us.  We are spiritual beings living and working in matter.  
Number 9 vibration the golden yellow ray
Number 9 service, benevolence, giving oneself with no thought of reward.
This is the number of service.  To serve for the sake of serving with no thought of any reward is the highest vibration that mankind can tune in to, and so often the reward comes anyway.  We should not look for results of what we are doing, just to give of our time and energy in whatever way the spirit moves us is enough.  All this is contrary to the materialist of today who is always looking for profit, but there is a time and place for us all to arrive at these points in life and we should allow others their space to experience life the way they wish to.
Jean also gave colour and style tips to the ladies that asked and we all then chatted and said our goodbyes.  
Thank you to Jean for coming over to run this session and hopefully we all took something away from this!

Buns and Roses x

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