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I Just Haven't Met You Yet - May Meeting 

May was hot indoors and out at Leeds WI with our lovely speaker Martine Scannel talking about Courtship Gestures - Or How We Girls Rule! - the behavioural psychology of people when they flirt and the advantages of mastering the often unnoticed courtship dance. 

We learned how men puff it up in an attempt to man up and to impress the ladies, whilst the ladies poke them out, pull it in, swish their hair and flash their Pandora bracelets when they want the chaps to know they are keen…and it’s the people that can read these often unconscious signals that often get the girl. 

However, studies have shown that women call the shots, with them being the initiators in the courtship dance in 90% of interactions, which puts the ladies in the power if they know how to use the right dance moves, but watch out for those over the shoulder glances and pelvic tilts or people may think you’re doing the Time Warp!

Many of us were scribbling furiously, including one of our assistant secretaries who pointed out “since I got married I want to avoid guys chatting me up, now I can use these tips to head off any likely Lotharios before they even get started”. 

Even more funny was learning about unconscious displays of masculinity, which has left many of us thinking we will never look at chaps on a sports pitch line up the same way again. 

By the end of the evening we were much better educated in subconscious human gestures and interactions with everyone taking away something from the meeting, whether it be how to use body language to your advantage in a male dominated meeting, to developing the ability to make chaps come to talk to you as if by magic at the next party.


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