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The Eurovision Wrong Contest - Quiz Night - May 2016

There aren’t many things that are so wrong they become right, but Eurovision is certainly one of those things. Here at Buns and Roses we’re great fans of the annual song-a-thon spectacle and decided to commemorate it this year with a Eurovision themed quiz at Leeds Crowd of Favours. 

Tension was high in the first round looking for names and nationalities of previous winners, with groantastic cryptic clues like “Dangled doll on a ground down beach” For Sandy Shaws’ ‘Puppet on a string’ followed hotly into the “Terry or not Terry” round, deciphering whether actual quotes from previous years live broadcasts had been the not so subtle sarcasm of the late great Wogan, or the bitchy bravado of Graham Norton.  

European geography round “Have you got a flag” and Euro-history in “as English as Queen Victoria”, gave a welcome relief for the quiz mastering continental art and literature round, just to prove we’re not all song and dance. 

With the winning prize going to…..the team that had 3 members who had been at this year’s final in Stockholm. That’s hard core specialists if we ever saw them!

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