Buns & Roses and the LUDUS Festival

Friday, 6 July 2012 § 0

One of the really great things about Leeds (and there are many) is the cultural goings-on. We are inspired, motivated, amazed and intrigued by all the fabulous festivals, shows, community events and activities that take place each year to help people explore and understand our city.

And even better is that Buns & Roses WI often gets to be involved.

At the end of June we helped out with the LUDUS festival, a new venture in contemporary performing arts that celebrates Leeds as an international centre of excellence in theatre and performance.

We were tasked with helping people on a section of the City Walk, a stroll through Leeds to help people encounter the city in a different way.

As the WI was set up to educate women, we had to educate participants as they came through a section near the Rose Bowl car park.

We did this in two ways - passing on a piece of writing by the philosopher De Certeau about walking in the city (with notes to make it more relevant to Leeds) and by making sure they knew about road safety when crossing the road.

All great fun and just one of the things we do at Buns & Roses to get involved with our community.

Gloria and Sarah getting ready to hand out the reading and biccies (only if people crossed the road safely).

Gemma knows where to look for the green man.

Owls on the next part of the trail.

What's this?

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