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We’re Sixy and we know it!
We all love a natter and munch at the fabulous Buns and Roses and our 6th birthday/AGM "I'm too Sixy" combined did not disappoint.

Branch annual reports were lightened up with laughter, a good sprinkling of craft, cake and cracking presents in our bring a gift take a gift present swap.
ucy (Ms Branch President) and her team talked us through the year in review and what she and her lovely ladies have been planning and arranging for us. Helen, our exiting treasurer and future cocktail tester made finance fun running through the accounts to let us all know where our money was going, and the best thing was, it all came back to us in trips and events. Go girls!

Founding member and departing Vice President Gloria gave one last plug for the WI raffle to lighten our woes at facing a committee without her….although we think she should keep making guest appearances just to give us the annual “saga” of prizes available (badoom-chink) whilst Sam showed the ongoing team spirit in her last day as secretary by combining her birthday celebrations with her fellow roses, and a very happy birthday to you from us all!

Thanks and flowers are never enough to express our gratitude to the ladies stepping down from the committee this year for all their hard work and enthusiasm and they have undoubtedly set the bar very high for the new committee picking up the baton going forward.
In the calendar for 2015 we have the exciting up and coming Whitby Trip on May 30th (tickets here), Siobhan guiding us through the dark side of our cities heritage with her plague pits and Victorian death sites a photographic and historical tour on May 14th, June is our rescheduled Cake Decorating Workshop, and don’t forget the GIN tasting event for the autumn (We’re all very enthusiastic about that one).
Thanks to all who contributed food, gifts and general goodness. We will see you again next month!


Next meeting is 21 May - Roses go to Bollywood - A general meeting with a demonstration by Bollywood dancers and the opportunity to try out a few moves!

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