March Meeting: A Good Heart (or other Organs) is Hard to Find

Wednesday, 1 April 2015 § 0

This month we were joined by the lovely Jo Cheetham, Specialist Nurse in Organ Donation from the Yorkshire Organ Donation Services Team who was speaking to us with tear jerking honesty about organ donation in view of the WI’s 2014 Resolution to promote this worthy cause.

Jo told us how that final shared action between yourself and your family in donating your organs after death can go on to change and save many lives, whether they be corneal transplants to stop a teenager going blind or the mother of three and toddler who shared your liver both being given a future to look forward to. One donor can save 8 lives and change many many more!

She shared with us heart-breaking true stories of something positive coming out of tragedy where families have donated lost loved ones organs and emphasized the importance of making sure your family knows you wish to donate your organs and of adding your name to the donors register. 

Furthermore, standard myths about donation were dissolved -a diabetic can donate organs, and so can a smoker, the only religion that expressly forbids organ donation is Rastafarianism-who would have thought it!  

Thanks to Jo from all of us here!

You can add your name to the organ donors register here:

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