May Workshop - (Knit and) Purl Jam

Thursday, 16 May 2013 § 0

Our May workshop was (Knit and) Purl Jam - where the lovely Helen, Trina and Siobhan passed on their fab knitting skills to the group. The Roses who attended were split into three groups – absolute beginners who were taught how to make that all important first stitch, for those who could do the basics they were taught how to do a purl stitch and for those a little bit more advanced they had cabling demystified for them (which involves a rather interesting looking needles).

Armed with needles and yarn the aim was that everyone who attended would able to knit a basic square which can then be turned into a variety of projects  including coasters, place mats and bags. Overall, the evening was a huge success with everyone leaving having learnt a new skill and bursting with ideas for new projects.

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