May meeting - Talking About a Resolution

Monday, 27 May 2013 § 0

May saw the first meeting with the new committee and was also a chance to help shape what the WI campaigns on over the next year - as well as seeing a welcome return of the Buns & Roses craft stash. After the usual meeting admin Gloria and Susan spoke to the Roses about the resolution going forward to this year's National Federation AGM on the decline of the our high streets and town centres.

They talked us through some of the key issues surrounding the resolution and a lively debate followed with the Roses discussing the pros and cons all the while carrying out some fab craft project. Gloria and Susan also had a fiendish quiz prepared for the group with various pictures of Leeds in the past which the Roses had to identify. Big congratulations go to Ellie who was able to identify all the pictures picking up a well deserved prize.

During the night the members also voted on whether to support the resolution at the National AGM with 5 votes in favour of the resolution and 12 against.

Ellie with her prize

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