August workshop - Sew Macho (reprise)

Sunday, 19 October 2014 § 0

For our August workshop we went along to O.W.L industry to learn how to make shrugs and flower brooches. With several Roses being the proud owners of sewing machines it was the perfect craft to improve their skills and increase their confidence of making clothing from scratch!

We were guided by the lovely Sue and Kielly who taught us how to measure and cut fabric for the perfect fit. They advised how to create shrugs of different lengths and styles and how to cut fabric to ensure that the edges were neat.

Next came the scary sewing machine bit! With many members having not used a sewing machine since school Sue and Kielly went through the anatomy of sewing machine, how the different parts work and the different stitches that you can do with even the most basic of machines. The result was many shrugs in a variety of styles, lengths and patterns which the Roses have been making more of ever since!


Sam also taught us how to make lovely flower brooches using small circles of fabric, fab for using up any off cuts or spare buttons that you have left over from other crafts! Whilst it was a bit fiddly at first to get the stitching right so that when you pulled the thread tight at the end it all came together to make a flower the brooches all turned out lovely and were a nice finishing touch to the shrugs made earlier.


Thanks Sue, Kielly and Sam! See you at the next workshop!

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