April Workshop - "Run BnR" - Street Dance Workshop

Saturday, 31 May 2014 § 0

So first of all apologies - this post is a bit overdue - in the post excitement of the workshop (so much so I left my stereo in the Car Park at the Cosmopolitan, but they have kindly returned it to me thank you very much lovely Cosmo staff!) I haven't yet written about the fabulous time we had being taught how to do a Street Dance routine by the lovely Harriet Lawton who is also a textile and ceramic artist as well as a street dance enthusiast and instructor.

I have to admit that I was cynical of what Harriet might achieve with a mixed ability group of Roses (in particular my own clumsy self - I once managed to give myself a black eye walking into a wall!) and across the short space of time of just an hour and a half.

We first of all learned how to "ripple" hard to explain, but basically a very isolated movement where you "ripple" your body slowly or fast, but in one continous motion.

Harriet helped us learn a "simple" routine, which was challenging enough to be interesting, but actually looked pretty good when we fitted it all together.  The workshop was pretty active work too and we were all a little glowing by the end!

Take a look at some of our Roses in action!

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