September Workshop - Sew Macho - English Patchwork Workshop

Monday, 9 September 2013 § 0

Founder member and former Buns & Roses Treasurer Hayley Mills-Styles taught us English Patchwork for our September workshop - Sew Macho. Hayley showed us how to create a decorative panel to applique onto a cushion cover, which will be perfect for adorning sofa or giving as a fantastic homemade gifts.

English Patchwork skills are quite straightforward to learn (well when you have a good tutor it helps!) and once mastered can then be used to make and / or decorate bags, more cushions and even a quilt.

The first stage is to make a cardboard template - it needs to be any shape that will tessellate - our members made hexagons and diamonds and can be seen here cutting out their cardboard templates. 

The next stage is to draw around the template and cut out lots of small paper pieces exactly the same size.  Once this has been done you use a slightly larger template or just by free hand draw and cut out your fabric pieces - Hayley recommends using a cotton or poly-cotton fabric.  Then the fabric is pinned to the paper piece and tacked using cotton around the paper - you actually sew through the paper and the fabric.

You will then end up with shapes looking a bit like this which you can iron to make them easier to work with.

When you have your shapes ready, they are then sewn together with tiny stitches along the edges and again ironed to make the shape more definite.  The paper can then be removed or left in depending on how you feel and whether you plan on washing the item!

Here are some of the results from the Workshop - they'll look even more lovely when they're finished!  Please upload your pictures to Facebook or Twitter we want to see your creations!

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