November Meeting – Florence (Nightingale) and the Machine.

Thursday, 22 November 2012 § 0

Our November meeting was Florence (Nightingale) and the Machine, a talk from Marianna Shapland from Leeds  Women’s Health Matters.
Marianna spoke to us about the many groups and information services which Women’s Health Matters supports, from its work with women who are experiencing domestic violence, to its ‘SEEN’ group for people with various disabilities and its ‘SHINE’ group which provides information about sexual health.
As well as giving us lots of information about these groups she also gave us information on sexual and breast heath, including showing us a mock-up breast with lumps to show us how to feel properly for potential problems.
Marianna also explained to us the value of the clothes and items we had donated, telling us how much they will be welcomed, and how urgently they are needed.
Afterwards Marianna took questions from people and expressed that if anybody did want to volunteer with them, supporting people with English, emotional support or just generally helping out to contact her at Women’s Health Matters. She also told us how essential all donations of winter clothes, hats, scarves, umbrellas and hot water bottles are, so we will be doing another collection for them at our December meeting.
Find out more at: Leeds Women's Health Matters

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