October workshop - Chocolate making

Monday, 15 October 2012 § 0

Unsurprisingly our chocolate making workshop Livin La Vida Cocoa was fully booked and so we had 34 lovely ladies join us to make and enjoy some lovely chocolate.

First of all we got to taste the chocolate we were using which was gorgeously creamy milk chocolate and came in chocolate button form.  Laura from York Cocoa House showed us how to make a ganache (chocolate + butter + double cream heated to boiling point, poured over and mixed together) along with a possible folklore tale of how ganache got the name (boiling cream + clumsy French man + chocolate = swearing/exclaming "ganache!").

We piped out the ganache into what can only be described as "dollops" and then they went to be cooled in the fridge.  

We then tempered some more chocolate buttons for making chocolate lollies and dipping our ganache to make truffles.  What do you think we used to melt and temper the chocolate?  I can bet that you weren't thinking hair dryer!  Surprisingly this worked really well and we used melted chocolate to make lollies which we decorated with orange, lemon and strawberry flavoured chocolate buttons and sprinkles - yummy!

After making a lot of mess "shaping" the ganache and then dipping in chocolate we then put our creations into  plastic presentation bags (sampling quite a few along the way thank you very much!).

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