June workshop - All Write Now

Monday, 11 June 2012 § 0

At our June workshop, entitled All Write Now, we were joined by Matthew Bellwood, a writer and storyteller based in Leeds.

The creative writing workshop was all about telling stories. Shaping our experiences to make them understandable, thought-provoking, funny or evocative and finding ways to share our experiences with others.

Matthew was a great tutor for the session and had everyone sit in a circle to work together and share with each other. He told us some of his stories along the way and related his advice and experience of writing and storytelling.

There were exercises on finding your voice, creating fictional places, story songs, writing for five minutes about anything at all, using random words to create a story and even tweeting.

Matthew has been tweeting short stories about Leeds on the @365LeedsStories feeds and will share some of the ones from our workshop in his narrative.

You can find out more about Matthew at www.somestories.co.uk, and here are some pics of our girls (and a boy!) in action.

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