Cuptown Girl - October workshop

Sunday, 9 October 2011 § 0

Our October workshop was aptly entitled Cuptown Girl, as we were painting our very own teacups and saucers!

Suzanne from Potterdoodle brought all the equipment along and gave us some excellent tips on how to get the best results. 

Everyone was raring to go as soon as they saw the paints in front of them - we became giggly schoolgirls but fortunately didn't make too much mess (plastic aprons were a very good idea!).

Sam and Jenn were particularly excitable.

Here's Jen very carefully making a polka dot cup. She even drew round the paint pot to make sure the circles were neat!

Note the look of concentration on everyone's faces!

There were many stunning designs and all the girls really got stuck in. Not only did we have free reign with the paints, but Suzanne brought loads of stamps and stencils to get the creativity flowing as well.

The cups and saucers have now been taken for Suzanne to fire and glaze, and we will have them back at our meeting later this month looking all bright and shiny. Not sure that tea will be the first thing drunk from them though, considering the excellent bar at the Cosmopolitan ...

If you want to paint your own teacup and saucer, or other crockery, give Suzanne a shout. You can find info at Potterdoodle.

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