Buns & Roses goes back to school and hits the books!

Friday, 1 July 2011 § 0

It seems ages since our last blog post, but we have been so busy it's difficult to find time to write about it all!

Book Club
Our Book Club met on June 19th to discuss Death by Chocolate by Toby Moore.

On the whole, we weren't that impressed with it and felt it was lacking in both style and substance. Although the ideas were there, it wasn't executed particularly well and failed to grip or move us in any way.

It is an interesting read - chocolate is banned and people have weight allowances, with police officers enforcing the rules. A woman is murdered and found covered in "brown" (chocolate) and the mystery into her death unfolds, taking the reader into the underworld of eateasy restaurants and chocolate smuggling.

There's a lot going on, but we found it hard to fully appreciate the story. It felt a bit like the writer wanted to emulate other great novels (such as Nineteen eighty-four and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) rather than concentrating on his own work.

It did raise some interesting debates though, and is easy to read so if yo spot it in a charity shop it is worth a go!

Carr Manor Primary Craft Fair
On June 25th, Gemma and one of our members, Sam, had a stall at the Carr Manor Primary Craft Fair.

Doesn't it look beautiful!

They had many goodies for sale - cards, stitched items, decorated bags for life, jewellery, Suffolk puff brooches, art work etc.

Sam makes bath and beauty products - salts, scrubs and bubbly bits - so our little corner smelt amazing too!

We're always on the look-out for more goodies to sell, so if you're a member of Buns & Roses and have handmade items you want to flog, give us a shout!

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