Classic Roses and Vintage Buns - 1940s/50s day

Sunday, 12 June 2011 § 0

On Saturday, 11th June, Buns & Roses WI held a 1940s/50s day entitled Classic Roses and Vintage Buns.

The event included dancing, hair and makeup sessions and lots of tea and cake!

We started off with the dancing. Rob and Al from Lindy Fridays showed us some lindy hop moves.

We were pretty successful for the most part and managed to twirl each other round the dancefloor without incident!

Mastering the art of coordination!

Got it!

Al and Rob put us all to shame with their moves.

After all that exercise we stopped for luncheon, which included loads of yummy sandwiches, several pots of tea and muchos cake.

Georgiana making the tea.

Lots of cake!
We then moved on to vintage hair and makeup lessons, with Dee and Michelle.

Everyone had a go at pinning in victory rolls, which is way fiddly, and donning the trademark vintage black eyeliner and red lips.

Dee demonstrates on Georgiana.

Sam looking v classy.

Beautifully neat rolls done by Gloria.

The key is backcombing ...

And then more backcombing!

Michelle recreates the classic look from the 40s and 50s.

So that was our yummy 1940s and 1950s day. By the end of the afternoon, apart from being shattered, we all looked the part and could at least manage not to kick each other or fall over while doing a bit of lindy hop!

For more lindy hop action, check out Lindy Fridays.
Next month, we're jumping forward a few decades for our 80s night! Check the website or join our mailing list for more info.

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